The Speech Motor Learning (SML) Approach to Treating Apraxia of Speech

The Speech Motor Learning (SML) Approach Software

SML (1.13 MB)

(Software developed by SM4, University of Pretoria, South Africa.)

Installation Instructions:

  • Click on SML link above.
  • Select save on the file download window that appears.
  • Save the file in your preferred folder e.g. Desktop, My Documents or Program Files (C: Program Files).
  • Wait while the file downloads. The Downloads Complete window appears. Click on Close.
  • Navigate to the folder where the file was saved to (e.g. Desktop).
  • Right click on the SML file.
  • Go to Win Zip on the pop-up menu. Another pop-up menu will appear. Click on Extract to Here.
  • A folder called "SML Software" will be created.
  • Double click on this folder and you will see a list of 19 files.
  • Double click on the SML.EXE file.
  • If an installation wizard window appears, follow the steps (Next ).
  • If a security warning appears, select Run and continue with the installation.
  • If you experience any problems, please consult the User Manual (link below).

How to Save SML and Word Files

  • Open the SML program and type in the client name.
  • Type in the target consonants and vowels.
  • Click on the Save icon and save as an SML file.
  • Indicate the amount of reduction (choose Large if you have many consonants and vowels and None if you have a few sounds, for example, 4 consonants and 5 vowels).
  • Create the sets of nonwords by clicking on Create and choosing the option from the menu.
  • Save as a Word file (or Text file) in your preferred folder e.g. My Documents.
  • Close the SML program, open the Word/Text file and print the series of nonwords that were created.
  • To add more sounds to the target set of a particular client, open the SML program, click on the Open icon, choose the appropriate SML file, adapt and save. To retain the previous version, use Save As.
  • Create the new set of nonwords and save as a Word/Text file.

SML User Manual.pdf (357 kB)

SML Approach Summary of Methods.pdf (60.5 kB)

SML Sound Rating Form.pdf (150 kB)

SML Sound Rating Form (with examples).pdf (152 kB)

SML Feedback Regarding Application.pdf (31.8 kB)

Bilingual-Apraxia-Article.tif (1.34 Mb)

Audio Clips

Case Study 01.mp3 (5.69 MB)

Case Study 02.mp3 (5.34 MB)

Case Study 03.mp3 (7.09 MB)

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