The Speech Motor Learning (SML) Approach to Treating Apraxia of Speech

The main purpose of this website is to make the software that generates the treatment stimuli of the SML approach available to clinical researchers and clinicians who are familiar with the rationale and methods of the SML approach.

The software should be downloaded and installed on a PC. A user manual, which will guide the user to install and use the software, is available on the Downloads page. Shortcut guidelines explaining how to install and use the software are also available on that page.

The reader is urged to first become familiar with the rationale and methods of the SML approach before application. These are described in two international publications in Aphasiology (2011) and American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (2018). See the full references in Further Reading on this site. A brief summary of the methods, and an even briefer summary of the rationale, are included on this website.

Research on the outcomes of the SML approach to treating apraxia of speech in adults (AOS) and children (CAS) is continuously being undertaken. The reader is cautioned that only Level (or Class) 3 evidence (Wertz, 2002) has thus far been accumulated. This evidence was derived from the treatment of clients from different language groups with either childhood or acquired apraxia of speech.

Clinicians and clinical researchers who do decide to utilize and/or undertake research on the SML approach are requested to provide feedback on the outcomes of treatment. A questionnaire is included on this website for this purpose. Please complete, scan and e-mail to the author.

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